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Dear Partners,

Thank you to everyone that participated in our Early Years and School Age Roundtables this month. Collaboration and community-led solutions is how SBRT strives to improve outcomes for South Bronx families and students. We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events this summer.

Early Childhood Literacy Project Meeting
Monday, July 22nd | 10:00 am
Conference Call

This project meeting is a planning session for Literacy Dinner: a pilot to increase preschool children’s literacy through family engagement, health and wellness, and socio-emotional learning.

Questions? Contact Michael Partis (michael@risingtogether.org)

Attendance Improvement Project Meeting
Monday, July 29th | 10:00 am
Bronx Family Center | 1515 Southern Blvd

At this meeting, we will continue planning for September's Attendance Awareness Month campaign and strategize ways to reduce chronic absenteeism among students in our local schools.

Questions? Contact Kendall Lewis (kendall@risingtogether.org)

SBRT Continuous Improvement Training
Tuesday, July 30th | 9:00 am
Bronx Family Center | 1515 Southern Blvd

This free training includes an introduction to rapid cycle testing, support in developing data-driven strategies, and team time for planning your own PDSAs (Plan, Do, Study, Act) and improvement projects.

Questions? Contact Michael Partis (michael@risingtogether.org